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Welcome to Flipmat!

Artwork requirements and specifications for Flipmat mouse mats.

So… you want to use mouse mats in your next advertising campaign but need to understand what makes these mats the best? You've come to the right place.

By utilising Flipmats you can effectively:-

       flip_dotspromote your new product or service
       flip_dotsreinforce your branding
       flip_dotsgain 24/7 positioning where it's most powerful

       flip_dotsplace your information at your client’s fingertips … Literally! 

And all this is done through a professional product that your target demographic will appreciate for its design and useability. And let's face it, these days almost everyone uses a computer! 

Getting your artwork ready for producing Flipmats is made easier by spending time on this site. Simply select the shape you are after and you will be able to access the information required to produce artwork to the correct specifications.


What’s so good about the Flipmat?

Well if you want a promotional product that:

  • stands out from the usual direct mail campaign
  • improves your promotion's awareness level
  • gives you a measurable response
  • absolutely demands to be noticed

You can’t go past the Flipmat. Browse our product range and check out what we’ve got to offer you.