Product Overview

Under the Flipmat brand, we produce a range of mouse mats, coasters and counter mats as promotional items.

The design is innovative in its construction, and flexible as a lightweight direct mail promotional piece.

The Flipmat is predominantly a mouse mat, (even though we have other products under this brand) but it also has a creative twist.

You might think it's the versatility of printing messages on both sides of the mouse pad - using clever words to keep your customers reading. You may appreciate just how light our mats can be, and how easy it is to insert one in a magazine, or in an envelope for your next direct mail campaign. It could be the freedom to pick your own shape for a die-cut that appeals to your creativity. They're all great reasons for using Flipmat to promote your brand.

Here are 10 interesting ideas for the space on the back of our promotional Flipmat:

Your thought-provoking message is on the front, but, the back can be just as impactful. Use the back for:

1.  Your contact names and numbers so they'll always be handy.
2.  A map to your business is excellent for new, or hard to find, locations.
3.  A calendar that works hard for twelve whole months.
4.  An order form makes response easy (photo copy and mail it back).
5.  A reminder of your opening hours (especially if it will get you more business).
6.  A guide to appointment times (this won't be easy to misplace).
7.  An events calendar permanently at your customer's fingertips.
8.  Staff photos that remind your customer who they're dealing with.
9.  Conference dates and a reminder to register early.
10.  Easy-to-use fax-back form for collecting any data you need.